Together with us into the digital age

The journey begins. Getting out of your own comfort zone. Getting rid of old traditional behavioural patterns. To think the cultural and technological changes together. That’s what we do. We encourage leaders to join in now, not forgetting potential losers of digitalization. And we encourage NextGen leaders to dare to be different.

We set impulses, explain connections and encourage

The core question for many is: with which business models will we be as successful in the digital age as we have been in the past? We reflect on our own situations, give new impulses, inspire and introduce d.quarks – the standard framework for digital transformation.

Inspiration lectures
C-Level Sparring
Immersion Tours /
Community Meetings
Executive Workshop
Exclusive Events

We design digital pictures of the future, develop strategies and form new identities

This requires visionary power and the will to implement from leaders. We enable managers and employees to shape their company or organization in the digital age just as successfully as in the past.

Digital Strategy
Business Model Innovation

We institutionalize innovation competence in the company

To successfully develop something new, it takes much more than innovative ideas: It requires openness, a transformative management approach and a corporate culture that does not shy away from experimentation but rather encourages it. We make people more innovative.

Building agile teams
Innovation Management
Prototyping & Testing
User Experience Strategy

We build platform architectures and design IT organizations

The CIO function will evolve from a classic infrastructure supplier to a more prominent role as innovator and business enabler. We plan this and introduce the new structures with agile methods. IT will become the operating system for digital business models.

IT strategy
Agile IT
IT architectures
IT organization
technology assessment

We accompany the cultural change and introduce new ways of working

Digital transformation means change and this requires other forms of leadership and collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing. We build up new structures and competencies in the company so that they can more easily follow the speed of change caused by technology. We make people and teams more agile.

Agile Collaboration
New Ways of Work
Organization Design
Transformational Leadership
Change Management

We give the plan and travel with you

Digital transformation is characterized by focusing and prioritizing resources, time and projects. We are experienced and sought-after sparring partners for entrepreneurs and executives. We pack all skills together, create the plan and accompany the change process.

Project Review
Program Management

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