Der Moment
der Wahrheit


Der Moment der Wahrheit

You know that? It is the impulse of an impressive person, a spark of inspiration, a journey, the exchange of experiences at a meeting of like-minded people or finally a comprehensible explanation of a complicated context. An event, a trigger point you have experienced that leads you to change your behaviour immediately.

We call this moment the moment of truth (“Der Moment der Wahrheit” in German).

In our podcast we talk to well-known and also less well-known personalities, from economy, politics, science and civil society about their moment of truth. We encourage you to start the change now.

The Podcast (only in German)

Sequence 1

Michael Pachmajer & Carsten Hentrich talk about their journey. When did they realize that digital transformation is more a people change than a tech change. They are change makers and sought-after sparring partners for leaders. They are founders of d.quarks, the platform for entrepreneurial and societal digital transformation.

Sequence 2

Michael Rüffer is a tinkerer, can drive a tram, loves nature, the mountains and football. He is a family man, loves dogs and trains youth teams.
‘Can’t be done, doesn’t exist’ is the motto of the managing director of the Frankfurt Transport Company, who is responsible for technology and operations. The digital transformation and the mobility turnaround not only play a role for him when it comes to the development of self-driving buses and trains, but also in the context of a completely new public transport image. 

Sequence 3

Not data is the new oil, but knowledge is the new water, says Dirk Ramhorst, who has been working for many years on building and above all on access to knowledge in companies. He was CDO at BASF and is now CIO & CDO at Wacker Chemie. DAX group and family business – both have the same challenges in the digital transformation. And what role do technologies and above all IT play in this. IT, which previously provided hardware and software cost-effectively, is now becoming an innovator. Really? How can that be? Dirk Ramhorst knows his way around, knows what to do and talks.

Sequence 4

No more e-mail! That was Klaus-Peter Fett’s vision when he became Head of Innovation and Collaboration at Google 10 years ago with “Wave”, an application that offered real-time collaborative communication. The idea came several years too early.
Klaus-Peter Fett, who studied economics and computer science, is a digital transformer from the very beginning, an enthusiastic mountain biker and an energetic change evangelist. He worked for the industry giants IBM, HP and Google before he decided to take up the position of Chief Information and Digital Officer at the Röchling Group in 2018.

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