d.quarks NETWERK


The d.quarks NETWERK is a network of experts on digital transformation who work with the d.quarks method. The common mission is to make companies fit for the future. For an innovation society in Germany and Europe. For a sustainable way of doing business.


Using the award-winning d.quarks methodology to build the necessary capabilities in companies to develop a sustainable picture of the future. Introduce digital innovation professionally. Build an IT that is modern and agile. And develop a culture that is adaptable. Fast and pragmatic. Turning new thinking, working and leading into reality. Making images of the future a reality.



Digital transformation works according to proven recurring patterns. d.quarks has recognized these patterns and summarized them in a toolbox, the award-winning d.quarks model. Everyone in the d.quarks NETWORK works with it. This is effective because different competencies and perspectives are effectively combined in a unified methodology. You can find details HERE.


In a two-day workshop, we develop the future image and the new identity of your company. We formulate the vision and communication messages. We develop new digital business models based on the needs of your customers. And deduce which new capabilities your company needs to build. Outline the roadmap for implementation.

nodes of the d.quarks NETWERK

Amélie Dannenmann

Amélie’s focus is on the user-centered conception, introduction and further development of digital products. This includes innovation and product development with design thinking, business modeling and prototyping as well as sharing her experience as a product owner in an agile environment. Her goal is to help companies connect people, processes and information with smart digital strategies. As a studied marketing expert with startup experience, she emphasizes that technology never becomes an end in itself, but always serves the optimal customer experience. She imparts the methods and the agile mindset that are necessary to realize inspiring and commercially successful products.

Alexandra Schirmer

As a change manager, Alexandra supports companies in their digital transformation with a focus on user-centric communication. As a digital marketing expert and business graduate, it has always been important to her to design data-driven, end-to-end and user-centric communication processes. In doing so, she sheds light on the customer journey and facilitates design thinking workshops and design sprints to conceptualize optimized communication processes, customer approaches and new business models for an optimal customer experience. Alexandra has a good sense for the necessary stakeholder management, conveys a digital mindset and agile methods to ensure a successful digital transformation.

Christoph Zumbühl

Christoph is the owner of comza gmbh. His expertise lies in leading change in organizations.

His passion: putting impact of change into context, understanding customer needs and implementing change in the organization: Building capabilities, adapting leadership style and implementing software for customer management.

Previously, Christoph worked for many years in SME’s as Head of Sales and in Business Development. – He also has years of experience in implementing customer management solutions – CRM and marketing automation.

Catherine Schoendorff

Exploiting and implementing the full potential of business models: That’s her passion. Unleashing people’s capabilities helps her take not only themselves, but also the company to the next level. 

Previously, she was an expert in restructuring and reorganization in Switzerland and Germany for SMEs and corporations. Most recently as the Swiss CEO of a global consultancy, where her creative and innovative approach led her own company as well as her clients into a new future through new business models, competencies and technologies. 

For a long time, digital transformation has been her big topic, to which she has now dedicated an entire master’s degree. Thus, eco-platforms and the impact on organizations are also the topic of her prospective doctorate. Today, she advises companies on their digital orientation and, as a certified high performance coach, raises the potential of corporate executives in particular.


As a filmmaker and executive producer for ZDF and ZDFdigital, she has experienced and helped shape transformation herself. Working with analog media like film brought her to digital media and also to her work as a consultant. For her, change means growth and positive development, always connected with new opportunities. She passes on her knowledge and passion to clients so that they can shape innovation themselves. She accompanies individual holistic processes of her customers, which lead orientation in the new world, above all also to more efficiency.

Her focus is on team management and leadership coaching, holistic applied design of the New Work and visual implementation of digital solutions such as Design Thinking. She focuses on agile impulses in companies, leading them to shape their own future and also to expand their network. “Helping people to help themselves” is her motto, which is why she transparently shares her methodology with her clients. The d.quarks method is a central building block in her consulting.

Stephan Bohr

Stephan is a freelance “full-blooded” consultant with the enthusiasm to change things and to realize measurable success with his clients. In doing so, he always puts people at the center of change. With his academic background in marketing and social psychology, he understands how to think specifically from the perspective of customers and employees.

His passion in the context of digitalization strategies are digital marketing, marketing automation/lead management, project management, Agile organizations and lifelong learning, community management and knowledge-based processes for organizations, teams and individuals.

As a certified Scrum Product Owner, Innovation Manager and Trainer for Knowledge Management and Project Management, Stephan looks back on 21 years of experience in Operations and Consulting of global consulting companies, leading multicultural international project teams and departments.

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