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Our lives and our work will change. We are observing the increasing speed of changing user expectations, implementing disruptive business models and the maturity of new technologies. The speed of change is increasing exponentially. But it also creates a high pressure to adapt individually, to be ready for something new. Our experience teaches us that a digital transformation always has four elements when it is launched: a vision and strategy for the future, the institutionalization of innovation, the creation of the technological foundations and cultural change. We train four roles that need to be introduced in companies in order for digital transformation to be successful.

Transformative Pioneer

Pioneer and leader for the entire transformation of an entire organization or division. Responsible implementer of change and manager of the interdependencies between innovation, technology and culture.

Visionary Innovator

Creative design leader of digital business models. Institutionalizes the structures and competencies in the company for user-centric innovation.

Innovative Technologist

Creates the technological foundations and a new agile IT for the rapid implementation and operations of digital business models.

Cultural Advocate

Leading person for translating cultural change into new, more agile forms of leadership, thinking and collaboration.

We conduct the training courses as Master Classes or as pure in-house trainings. Certification is provided by the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Culture Garage

Our culture garage is a protected space in which a new corporate culture is created. There we work with managers and employees on aspects of the upcoming entrepreneurial and personal changes.

In teams or in individual trainings, we build up an agile and collaborative mindset and further develop the leadership culture (Digital Leadership) in the company. We support, promote and stimulate the cultural change in the digital age, which introduces new forms of thinking, working and leading.

Transformational Leadership

Digital transformation means change, and those responsible in the company must be prepared for this. Changing leadership styles requires a continuous process of change – both as a leader in itself and together as a leadership team. It’s about finding the right balance between transformational and transactional leadership, as well as coordinated leadership principles.


Digital transformation means change and affects all employees. Therefore, a common understanding of the importance and effects of digitalization is needed – for the economy, the company and for everyone personally at work. A common knowledge base is needed so that change processes can be carried out successfully. Only then can an agile and collaborative mindset be established.

Moment of truth

Do you know this? It is the impulse of an impressive person, a spark of inspiration, a journey, the exchange of experiences at a meeting of like-minded people or finally a comprehensible explanation of a complicated context. An event, a trigger point that we have experienced, that leads us to change our behaviour immediately. A moment when we realize that we have to change our thinking and acting in order to be successful in the digital age. We call this moment: the moment of truth.

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Training as Digital Transformation Consultant

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You, who see yourselves as change agents.
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Join us in making companies more agile and innovative.
Make them more resistant to ever faster changes.
Guide them to build up new structures and competencies so that they can transform themselves sustainably.

We share our knowledge of how digital transformation can be successfully implemented in companies and how you can help.

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