We provide the platform for corporate and societal digital transformation

We, change makers and particle accelerators

All companies and organizations must quickly find an answer to these questions: How do we remain fit for the future? How do we become more sustainable? Which business models will enable us to be just as successful in the digital age as we have been in the past? 

We provide new knowledge, methods and tools for this. For the path to the digital enterprise. To an innovation society. We enable managers and employees to successfully master their transformation task.

Change processes follow certain patterns. We know them. We provide the guidance for sustainable change. We set the various particles in motion.

Our clients

Our portfolio


We go with the change, by your side

Competence development

We sit in the Master Class and go into the Culture Garage


In the d.quarks community we bring like-minded people together


Companies that want to change sustainably need people with different skills

Our partners

In order to accelerate the particles effectively and keep them on the track, you have to rely on a strong team. It needs people who are enthusiastic, who can contribute their ideas, who are ready for open exchange.

d.quarks - Transformation tools

The d.quarks are the building blocks for the digital change of a company. We have identified 46 d.quarks in customer projects. A d.quark describes a capability that a company needs in order to accelerate the digital transformation and successfully build digital business models.

Our d.quarks model is aimed at entrepreneurs, doers and founders. To those who are willing to change, but also to the undecided and overburdened in companies and organisations who have to master digital change.

Taking new paths with attitude

We encourage you to start making changes now.

We empower people to do the transformation themselves.

We share our knowledge so that our clients can change at their own pace.

We create dialog spaces between business, politics, science and civil society in order to endure differences in perspective and develop positive social images of the future.

We work with others in a collaborative, participative and co-creative way.


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