d.quarks COLLIDER

Build digital innovation competence in your company on your own

Start the digital transformation in your company with the d.quarks COLLIDER and build up sustainable digital innovation competence within 6 months!

You work out the results independently with the COLLIDER
Experts reflect on the results with you and help you only where you really need it.
You get all the expertise you need in the COLLIDER
You apply this knowledge directly and produce sustainable results.
The transformation path in COLLIDER guides you in a structured way through all the tasks that you can complete independently and at your own speed.
In 6 months you achieve sustainable results that change your business

Building digital innovation competence


A playbook that concretely describes how digital innovation will work in your company in the future & the concrete planning for the implementation of the first pilot projects

Mode of operation

sustainable empowerment approach, independent elaboration of results with a novel tool + 11 expert appointments


approx. 6 months

4.990 €

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