Our Offering

We link digitalisation with sustainability, resilience and attitude.

To enable leaders to shape the digital and sustainable transformation of their organisation effectively, resiliently and confidently, we support them from four sides and along our years of expertise and project experience:

In this way, we bring the most diverse particles of an organisation into a concerted movement – and create something new that stays.

As ENABLERS we explain contexts and equip managers, advisory boards and owners with the key competences they need for independent, proactive and successful transformation work.

  • We provide guidance on strategic orientation, the development of positive images of the future and the shaping of cultural change within an organisation.
  • We guide the development of innovation and networking competence as well as necessary digital skills and technological foundations.
  • We share our strategy and transformation knowledge, share best practices (from previous projects) and build analogies with successful transformers.

As SPARRINGSPARTNER we not only reflect and evaluate the status quo of an organisation and the progress of its digital and sustainable transformation. We also inspire the spirit of renewal of all actors and passionately accompany the implemented strategy and change processes.

  • We explain the effects of digitalisation and sustainability on the economy, administration and society. In doing so, we question business models against the backdrop of the digital transformation as well as economic, social, ecological and political changes.
  • We provide feedback, set impulses and encourage people to step out of their own comfort zone and discard traditional patterns of behaviour.
  • We reveal specific barriers, dependencies and patterns within an organisation and explain their interrelationships. In this context, we also make mandatory success factors visible and transfer them to the context of our clients.

As PROCESS DESIGNERS we model and implement the necessary transformation techniques, methods and procedures.

  • We design and implement strategy and transformation processes.
  • We develop suitable co-creative and participatory dialogue formats.
  • We bring people into interaction: interdisciplinary actors and teams, but also different stakeholders and interest groups.

As NETWORKERS we establish multiple connections to external actors and impulse providers who additionally stimulate and promote the change processes.

  • We open up access to our personal network to all stakeholders.
  • We recognise people’s talents, capacities and key roles and specifically network individuals to create intelligent synergies.
  • Through consistent networking, we create a biotope in which new attitudes, ideas and initiatives emerge and serve as a catalyst for sustainable change.